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Customizable training materials to teach Microsoft Office 2007 training courses.

Microsoft Word 2007

Professional training materials to teach both one day or half day Microsoft Office 2007 training workshops including Microsoft Word 2007. Thousands of trainer's around the world now use these customizable training solutions every day with confidence. Everything you need is classroom ready, so you can focus on the training.

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These instructor-led training materials include everything you need to deliver professional
Microsoft Office 2007 workshop training:

Participants Manuals
Each of these training manuals can be easily edited using any word processor such as Microsoft Word 2007.  This allows trainers like yourself to deliver the most up to date training possible.  Private trainers can also take advantage of branding opportunities to increase future contracts.  These streamlined training manuals include step-by-step learning exercises designed specifically for adult learning.

Facilitator's Guide
And each trainer's kits also includes and Instructor Guide with detailed lesson plans, timelines, additional resources, tips and tricks to ensure a professional training experience each and every time.

Quick Reference Sheets
These powerful Quick Reference materials are an excellent take away from any training program or as stand alone desktop reference tutorials.  Of course, they are fully customizable and can be re-branded for use as promotional advertising materials.

PowerPoint Slides
Classroom slides compliment the instructor-led training experience and provide an excellent summary of training concepts in point format.



Word 2007 Course  |  $595

Order just the Word 2007 training course, which includes print-on-demand training manuals, exercises, instructor guide, lesson plans, ice breakers, activities, recommended reading list, PowerPoint slides, and quick reference sheets. 


MS Office 2007 Bundle  |  $1895

Get the entire MS Office 2007 training bundle, including all 12 training courses.  This lifetime courseware license allows you to customize, rebrand, and print each of these training resources as often as you like.




Workshop Outline


Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used applications in the world today, so itís important to have a firm grasp on the basics. To begin, this workshop will cover the basic word processing tasks, such as how to type, delete, and edit text. Then, examine some of Wordís essentials features, including formatting tools, bullets and numbering, themes, and headers and footers.


Opening and Closing Word
Opening Word
Interface Overview
Using Backstage View
Creating a Blank Document
Closing Word

Working with Documents
Saving Files
Opening Files
Closing Files
Creating a Document from a Template
Using the Recent List

Your First Document
Typing Text
Editing and Deleting Text
Starting a New Page
Selecting Text with the Mouse or Keyboard
Dragging and Dropping Text

Basic Editing Tasks
Using Cut, Copy, and Paste
Using the Office Clipboard
Using Undo and Redo
Finding and Replacing Text
Using the Selection Pane
Setting Paste Options

Basic Formatting Tasks
Understanding Levels of Formatting
Changing Font Face and Size
Changing the Font Color
Adding a Visual Effect
Adding Font Enhancements
Clearing Formatting

Advanced Formatting Tasks
Highlighting Text
Changing Case
Using the Format Painter
Using the Font Dialog
Formatting Text as Columns
Setting Open Text Options

Formatting Paragraphs
Changing Spacing
Setting the Alignment
Using Indents and Tabs
Adding Bullets and Numbering
Adding Borders and Shading

Working with Styles
About Styles
Applying a Style
Changing the Style Set
Changing the Theme
Changing Theme Elements

Formatting the Page
Adding Headers and Footers
Changing Page Orientation
Changing the Page Color
Adding a Page Border
Using the Page Setup Dialog

Adding the Finishing Touches
Checking Your Spelling
Previewing Your Document
Printing Your Document
E-Mailing Your Document



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